We are not a denomination or a ministry organization working alone. We are a coalition of followers of Christ from numerous church affiliations with a Kingdom-of-God mindset working together. We support pastors networking to plant reproducing churches in villages that do not have a church, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We work in places where God has called local Christ-followers to reach out to the forgotten villages with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our ministry is about loving God and our neighbors and making disciples who will obey Christ. The following points describe the key DNA approach to our ministry:

1. We are God’s Mission Movement Organization 

We focus on reaching the unreached people groups (UPGs) by:

  • Making Disciples through a Church planting movement (CPM) and Disciple making movement (DMM).
  • Using small group methods (an effective strategy).
  • Developing generational leaders for the movement.
  • Developing leaders in the 8 core values.

2. We are God’s Servants

We serve God and His world always by depending on Him as a faith mission. God’s work, done in God’s way will not lack God’s provision! CMGM responds to human needs as part of our incarnational holistic approach.

Our programs are directed by our vision and mission which make us effective and efficient to accomplish our God-given mandate. Because we know that God can use anyone to support what we do for God, we know that we can depend on Him and not on anyone else.


To see an indigenous discipled churches in every unreached villages of Ethiopia.


Church Multiplication Gospel Mission Ministry

Mekanisa area in front of Taxi Station MYPPIC Building 

Office Number 307 

P.O.Box: 40243, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contact Info

Mobile: +251 91 162 1558

Phone: +251 11 844 3860

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